Dignity Magazine: Helping the over-50s live life to the full

Dignity Magazine: Helping older people to thrive

Are you rushed off your feet taking care of your family and your ageing relatives? Would life be easier if you could find information on health and social care, money and pensions, and legal matters all housed under one roof? If so, Dignity Magazine is for you. 

Each issue of the magazine contains a wealth of practical information and actionable advice on subjects related to ageing and living well. Such as health and wellbeing, older people’s mental health, work and retirement, and living well on less. We also write about consumer, legal and welfare rights, and the anti ageing activities that can keep everyone happy and healthy.

Dignity Magazine: Helping older people to thrive

About Us

Dignity Magazine is a bi-monthly, current affairs title which was
set up in August 2014 to help tackle the economic, health and social inequalities affecting seniors and those aged 50 and over.

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Dignity Magazine is sold via an £18 annual subscription fee. You can also buy single and back issues of the magazine for £4 each. Prices include the cost of postage and packaging.

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There are now more than 4.3 million women aged between 45 and 60 in employment in the UK – double the number employed 25 years ago. Despite the rise, there is a lack of support for menopausal women in the workplace. There is now a new drive to ensure every UK workplace makes provision for the one in four women who experience debilitating peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms when transitioning through the menopause. Our cover feature explores the issue.

Other articles include: How the failure of the deferred payment arrangement scheme is forcing tens of thousands of pensioners to sell their homes each year just to fund their care – Optimism and healthy life expectancy – New energy firm which aims to offer a “better, fairer deal on fuel prices” – Urban parks and wellbeing – the Reforms to the funeral expenses payment – the woodland funerals that could help tackle rising funeral poverty – Respite breaks for carers – Free home insulation offer. Plus the News, Grants, What’s On sections and much more.



Over the last 20 years, there have been 12 green papers, numerous white papers, various public consultations and five independent reviews. Yet the crisis facing social care funding is no closer to being tackled. Our cover article looks at the bold proposals put forward by a committee of peers and asks whether free personal care, funded via general taxation, could help the ill, the disabled and the elderly receive the vital care services they deserve.

Other articles include: the BBC’s plan to offer extra support to the over 75s who don’t buy a TV licence next year – the imminent High Court judgement in the Backto60 judicial review into the rise of women’s state pension age – changes introduced with the new state pension could lead to fewer married pensioners inheriting their spouse’s state pension – All you need to know about Whirlpool’s recall of unmodified tumble dryers – New fund to help with a child’s funeral costs – Discover the secrets to living a happier life. Plus the News, Grants, What’s On sections and much more.

Helping the over 50s live life to the full :: Dignity Magazine

May/June 2019

Despite rising longevity, the statistics around men’s health are shocking and worrying. Our cover feature takes a look at some of the factors that could be preventing men from taking better care of their physical, emotional and mental health, and considers what can be done to reduce these disturbing figures.

Other articles include: Advanced dementia can be a brutal experience, both for the person living with it and for their carer. The North London Hospice runs a one-day Namaste Care training course which teaches carers how to communicate with their loved ones, via their five senses, and spark moments of pure joy.

New calls for social care to be made available free to all over 65s – Huge numbers of grandparents still missing out on a NI credit that could boost their pensions by £5k – new Citizens Advice service provides support to people moving from a legacy benefit onto Universal Credit. Plus the News, Grants, What’s On sections and more.

Dignity Magazine: Helping older people to thrive

March/April 2019

With the average retirement now spanning 20 plus years, increasing numbers of people are searching for more fulfilling ways to lead their lives. The Common Room aims to help its members, regardless of their age, discover what it is that fires them up and then help realise these dreams so that they can live each day with a sense of purpose, pride and joy.

Other articles include: the new Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 which gives tenants the power to take their private or social landlords to court if their homes are not fit to live in – a new parliamentary report which shows how the Home Office continues to fail the Windrush generation – the Competition and Markets Authority investigation into the funeral industry – the Impact of optimism and positivity on brain health – Millions missing out on £1,200 Help to Save free bonus cash – Experts call for seniors to be given greater access to talking therapies and social prescribing initiatives –Generous home help grant available to women recovering from illness. Plus the News, Grants, What's On sections and more.

Dignity Magazine: Helping older people to thrive

January/February 2019

There are 9 million lonely people in the UK, across all age groups. The relentless cuts to local community services are making it harder for everyone to make new friends. Our cover feature looks at how the social networking site Gransnet is helping socially isolated over-50s rediscover their social skills and connect with like-minded individuals, on and offline, thus overcoming loneliness.

Other articles include: How flawed social care assessments are stripping older people of the vital care and support they need to live well - Changes to Pension Credit which could cost mixed-age couples more than £7,000 a year - the National Audit Office is to investigate ‘unfair’ NHS penalty charge notices - how Social prescribing can improve your health, wellbeing and social welfare - the Carers Allowance and the Carer’s Credit - Generous home improvement grant available for homeowners and private tenants - Help to manage a funeral bill. Plus the News, Grants, What's On sections and much more.

Dignity Magazine: Helping older people to thrive

November/December 2018

Although there is no cure for dementia, there are a number of non-pharmaceutical interventions that are becoming more mainstream. For example, the neuroscientist Dr Lisa Mosconi claims that eating a brain-healthy diet is key to retaining cognitive fitness and to keeping dementia and Alzheimer's disease at bay. Our cover feature examines her work and provides a list of the foods that she recommends we eat and drink to maintain cognitive fitness over the course of our lifetime.

Other articles include: FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitors to become available on prescription - state pension age equalisation and pension inequality - new probate fees to come into force in April - the free interview clothing and advice to help women back into the workplace - BBC OpenLearn series of online courses - Get fit and happy with ballroom and Latin dance classes. Plus the News, Grants, What’s On sections and much, much more.